Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at Stormsriver Adventures

The training of the guides from the local community, community projects, clothing distribution and HIV Aids awareness has been self-funded by Stormsriver Adventures since 1998.

Stormsriver Adventures has formed a non-profit organization, NPO number 077-407-NPO, this is already established comprising of 2 community representatives and 2 company representatives to establish priority projects within the community of Stormsriver.

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Please feel free to contact us should you want to donate towards these projects.

The primary objective of the organisation is to help lift the community out of abject poverty and to help them regain pride and become self-sufficient. To achieve this the charity has in the past, and will continue to be, involved in the following main activities:

  • Children – Welfare (feeding scheme)
  • HIV AIDS – support and excursions
  • Animal welfare programme
  • Clothing distribution to the needy
  • Job creation for unemployed youth. – Skills development.

Based on the 5 areas priorities are defined as to which projects we can afford to initiate and support.

Respected community representatives provide valuable input ensuring that the projects supported are priority needs within the local community of Stormsriver.

Corporate Social Investment and Poverty Relief Initiatives

Stormsriver Adventures is a major role player in Poverty Relief Programs in the Tsitsikamma region, providing assistance and expertise.

  • At a direct cost to the company, skills development and job creation initiatives have led to introducing the Stormsriver community to the Eco Adventure Tourism industry since inception of the company in 1998.

School feeding scheme

The provision of food for a school feeding scheme in terms of which each child in the school is provided with one proper meal a day. The aim of this aspect of the charitable work is to help uplift scholars academic achievement.

  • 240 Primary school children are provided with a meal 4 times a week.
  • The programme has been running since 2003.

Animal education and welfare programme

  • This initiative is particularly aimed at the children with the prime objective of creating self worth and caring. The positive impact has been significant by way of teaching children responsibility and has translated into a more caring community. Teaching the community, mainly children, basic life skills through the animal welfare educational program. Using animals as a tangible means to enhance responsibility, self esteem and self-worth amongst the community.
  • The programme involves dipping, mange treatment, sterilization campaigns animal trauma treatment and an Inoculation Programme.

Environmental Education

  • Environmental education excursions are conducted and include children from the local communities.

SMME Support

  • Support of SMME’s within the community i.e. laminating business operating from Stormsriver Adventures providing laminations to all clients that receive a Canopy Tour certificate on completion.
  • Supporting and sponsoring of sport development within the community.
  • A community owned craft initiative and local crafts can be purchassed from our small retail outlet. This major project is recieving support and assistance from Stormsriver Adventures.

Catering Company

  • A catering company set up by Stormsriver Adventures in 2003 supplies all catering requirements and has created 5 positions for women.

HIV/AIDS Education and Awareness

The Company launched an aggressive committed campaign in 2006 to tackle the enormous challenge of HIV and AIDS. This campaign includes the following:

  • Documented HIV/AIDS Policy.
  • A documented TB Policy.
  • Educational Workshops are held with Staff which include discussions forums, talks by HIV positive Community members, use of literature and audiovisual material.
  • The formation of the ‘We Care’ Movement, comprising of Staff members who undertake Outreach Programmes into the Community to educate and dispel the stigma attached to AIDS.
  • The use of ‘I know’ badges to encourage voluntary testing.
  • Assisting the local Primary School with education and awareness.
  • Appointment and capacitation of an AIDS Counselor by way of Courses fully sponsored by the Company.

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