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Stormsriver Adventures is a professional adventure and activity company based in the heart of the Tsitsikamma Forest. Adventure activities take place from the adventure centre in the scenic little village of Stormsriver which is 75 km from Plettenberg Bay and 160 km from Port Elizabeth just off the N2. The area is malaria free!

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Our adventure team is made up of enthusiastic and trained local guides, who not only ensure the safety of all visitors, but also add interesting insights into the local surrounds, fauna, flora and culture.


Stormsriver Adventures' guides and team members all strive to maintain and enhance optimal safety standards in all adventure operations, without compromise. The equipment, apparatus and vehicles used in all adventures meet high quality standards and are stringently checked and maintained. The safety and enjoyment of all visitors are of paramount importance. Stormsriver Adventures is a member of SATIB insurance. We have their 'Seal of Approval', which is a value-added component that SATIB clients can use on their correspondence to bear testimony to the fact that their insurance cover complies with basic tourism insurance requirements including minimum cover levels.

The logo seal, which has been endorsed by the Southern Africa Tourism Services Association (SATSA), is available to all SATIB Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Passenger Liability policy holders who comply with the minimum cover limit requirement and will be extensively promoted to the inbound tourism trade to gain the necessary exposure, clarification of purpose and credibility.

The Big Picture

Stormsriver Adventures is more than just an adventure company, and strives to enrich the surrounding environment and community by honoring the following 10 point commitment statement:

  • Total compatibility with sensitive environmental issues thus ensuring a sustained commitment to conservation of natural resources used in adventure products.
  • Forming a synergistic relationship with all parties in the area to the mutual benefit of all role players without exclusion.
  • Upliftment of the community through job creation.
  • Forming of partnerships with individuals/communities through joint ventures.
  • Committed resource plough-back by providing training for local inhabitants thus creating a highly professional tourist oriented community.
  • Creation of mini-enterprises through the training of "Adventure Contractors".
  • Provide marketing expertise for the responsible expansion of tourism in the area and actively promote the entire area in accordance with tourism forum philosophies.
  • Maintain and enhance optimal safety standards in all adventure operations without compromise.
  • Expand environmental education packages in collaboration with Garden Route National Parks, Cape Pine and other organizations.
  • Actively assist with community fund raising projects and development of S.M.M.Es.

Implementation of Company Ethos

"Transition", "upliftment"; "empowerment" - before profit!

Stormsriver Adventures emerged as one of the largest job creators in the Eco Adventure industry in South Africa. The organization has self-funded the training of guides from the local community since 1998. The Government's commitment to promote active labour market policies is well demonstrated in the Skills Development Act, 1998 and the Skills Development Levies Act, 1999.

These two pieces of legislation introduce new institutions, programs and funding policies designed to increase investment in skills development. There are two over-riding priorities that this legislation seeks to address:

  • The first ever-present reality of the global economy and the imperative to increase skills to improve productivity and competitiveness of industry, business, commerce and service.
  • The second is to address the challenge of social development and the eradication of poverty.

Stormsriver Adventures has trained Adventure Guides since 1998 and remains a major contributor to training in the Eco Adventure Industry.

Community Projects

  • Training and Development of Community Members.
  • School Feeding Scheme.
  • Animal Welfare and Education.
  • SMME Development.
  • HIV/AIDS education and awareness.
  • Environmental Education.


B-BBEE Compliant

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Public Liability Cover

The company carries extensive liability insurance with Lloyd's of London. All vehicle and public driving permits are in place.




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